For excellence in plaster


We pride ourselves on the company we keep – architects, commercial builders, renovation specialists and owner builders.
If you are a builder or architect, you will know these names:

Bochsler & Partners Architects
Anderson Contruction Group Pty Ltd Builders
A.G. Construction Group Builders
Amson Construction Pty Ltd Builders
Bellemore Homes Residential Builders
Duncan Thompson Extension & Renovation Builders
Ed Enterprises Builders
Emiddio Giovanni Oliva Builders
Macrobuild Builders
Marino Construction Management Builders
Peter Gibson Developments Developers/Builders
Vcon Builders

If you are an owner builder looking for quality, you only have to look at these builders’ names to know that what we offer is first class and innovative.

The amount of owner builders’ homes that we have visited to quote, who then take on board our suggestions for what might be a more suitable look for their home is amazing. Ron’s expertise of finishes can assist you to make your home look outstanding. After all, it’s not until the plaster is on the wall that a house starts to look like a home.