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The name Dickson is synonymous with the plaster industry in Melbourne. Ron Dickson Senior, together with his brothers and cousins, commenced work in the plaster industry before WWII and continued in their trade upon returning from the war until their retirement!

Ron Dickson Junior, founder of Somerville Plaster Pty Ltd, commenced his career in plaster at the ripe age of 15 under the guidance of his father and uncles. Today, 35 years on, Ron Dickson has built and formed what is today an up to the minute, industry forerunner, in all forms of plaster works.

Our business is about service. Some other companies send in one gang to hang, one to stop and one to finish off! Our business is about providing continuity of workers and constant supervision so that your needs can be met on a daily basis.

Requirements change as a job proceeds – especially when working directly with architects – and our supervisors are directly on hand to accommodate these needs and changes.
Our repeat business, of up to 20 years, is testament to the quality service we provide.

Please read on further to see the services that we provide and contact us directly so that we can discuss each of your personal building requirements. We are adaptable and always ready for a challenge!

Ron Dickson